Rental of the available spaces in the buillding is done by public auction (tender) (the offer is enclosed in an envelope) according to the law 213/1998, regarding the rental of public assets.

The auction starts from the rental price, decided by the Local Council of Craiova. The price step is 0.50 Euros/sqm.

The auction takes place weekly on Monday, Thursday and Friday, in Business Center of Craiova, hall 211 at 12:00.

To begin with, the clients interested in renting a space, must purchase the task book, which cost 50 lei. After purchasing the task book, the clients must provide the papers needed to sign up for auction, which are specified in the task book.

The documents must be provided in a closed envelope until 11:00 on auction day

Persoane contact

Alina Voicu : 0769.26.86.90