Technology development and Business Excellence Center is a project of creation and development of a local support structure for businesses, which meets the urgent needs of the local and regional business environment and aims to improve the entrepreneurial culture.

The overall objective of this center is to contribute to the development of the business support structure by providing the necessary conditions for the improvement of entrepreneurial culture in the metropolitan area of Craiova. The focus is on the SME sector, both as clients hosted by the centre and as the beneficiaries of the services required to achieve “business excellence”.

Technology development and Business Excellence Center provides adequate office spaces, where micro or small firms, operating in the sector of services for enterprises are able to conduct business in a professional environment.

Business excellence is obtained through the action of three complementary elements: processes, technologies and resources (human, financial etc.)

The firms which implement business excellence are the ones that provide services of:

  • ISO Management Systems Consulting
  • Human resources Consulting, including training activities
  • Marketing Consulting and market research activities
  • General Management of the Business Consulting
  • Loans and Grants Consulting
  • Legal and financial Consulting;
  • Other types of Consulting.


The multifunctional hall is equipped with technology which will provide the environment for high quality courses, presentations and symposiums:

  • Interactive board with projector;
  • Simultaneous assessment system;
  • File room;
  • Desktop computer;
  • All-in-one Printer, Fax, Scanner;
  • Chairs;
  • Desks.


Office amenities

Technical equipment:

  • Energy class A air conditioning;
  • Condensation-based central heating;
  • Heaters with built-in valves and thermostat.

The rental price for offices is 8 Euros/sqm/month. Price includes utilities, maintenance, guards and the use of the multifunctional hall and the common rooms.